Makeup styles come and go. But, there are trending styles that stay cool in the eyes of many people.  In the latest trend, monochromatic makeup is used by many celebs who actually wore it beautifully.  This is a way of using only one shade or color from eyes, lips, and cheeks. Many liked doing it because it is easy to use.  In this type of makeup, the shades that are commonly used are beige, bronze, nude, coral,  red, and pink where pink became the most sought to be color.

Pink may sound very feminine and many love this color. According to InStyle, pink is at a peak moment and pink's greatest accomplishment is it's the star of the monochromatic makeup trend.  During the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Release, Gigi Hadid once again gave a standout look through wearing a pinky-bronze shade. Gigi's makeup artist Patrick Ta said, " we wanted to do something bold yet beautiful, something different than we normally do".

According to r29,  pink shadows and blushes give overall look cohesions. When wearing pink shade adding other relative color is also applicable. Since when it comes to shadows there are different textures like matte shadows or shimmering one it will just depend on what kind of texture to apply and blend with other relative colors. Another option is using plain pink and no more other colors to blend with. On the other side, when it comes to eye color there's no need to worry. "Every eye color - brown, blue, green is accentuated by peach or pink shadow", stated by  Maybelline Global makeup artist Charlotte Willer. She also added that" it's a fresh, easy, five-minute look". So Rushing to work or somewhere else, pink monochromatic makeup application helps a lot.

 After doing the shadows, next step is blush application. Since this is a pink monochromatic way of application, using the same family color is the key. Another tip from the experts is using lipstick or shadow for blush application or trying a multi-purpose product that can be used for the eye, cheeks, and lips. In this way of makeup, it doesn't mean that lipstick is used only for the lips and shadows for the eyes.

After almost finishing, lip application is the last step. In lipstick application use the same shade from shadows to blush.  Many beauty experts said that using pink monochromatic makeup can save a lot, from time, money, and up to the preparation process.