'American Horror Story' Season 7 Cast Reveal: What To Expect

Unlike the previous "American Horror Story" seasons, the show's executive producer Ryan Murphy has reportedly revealed recently some hints for the cast of the upcoming Season 7. As the season is slowly coming to life, snippets of information are also starting to come out.

During his appearance during a press tour, according to PopSugar, Murphy revealed that two of the show's alums who will be part of the season 7 cast are Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. The report also added that they recently were informed that there will be a newbie in the set: comedian Billy Eichner who was said to be known for "Billy on the Street and Hulu's Difficult People" web series.

Entertainment Weekly further revealed that Murphy hinted that the show's seventh installment will be set in "modern times." When asked about keeping juicy details about the upcoming "American Horror Story" season, the executive producer said that they may release the show's subject "earlier" than the last season. The report noted that in an earlier interview FX CEO John Landgraf expressed his plans of still rolling with the "keeping things mysterious" as the season unfolds but adding that Murphy has an "innovative idea" for the upcoming season which is something that the viewers are yet to see.

Back in 2016, "American Horror Story's" executive producer was reported to reveal that just like "Roanoke," season 7 will be patterned like a "show-within-a-show." Murphy also tipped that it will be a "narratively strange idea." Popsugar also added that in February, during a live show he opened up about the upcoming season to be handling a main horror story about the recent 2016 election.

Moreover, "American Horror Story" is also in a celebratory mood as they have been renewed for two cycles after its Season 7. The show will continue to run until 2019 and was reported to be FX's current "longest-running" series. Season 7 of the show is set to be released in fall this year. 

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