Ed Sheeran Helped Homeless Liberian Kids Out Of His Own Pocket

On Friday's Red Nose Day special, also known as Comic Relief, singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran played an important role when he performed the track 'What Do I Know' from his recent record breaking album "Divide". The 26-year-old singer also appeared in a video produced by Comic Relief where he traveled to Liberia to meet homeless and parentless children.

According to Rolling Stone, the video shows Sheeran meeting a Liberian boy named JD was sleeping in a canoe on the beach beside a dangerous slum but longed to go to school and wish his presidential dreams. Sheeran was so moved by the boy's story that he decided to help the poor kid along with other street kids from his own pocket.

"We will be packing our camera and these guys would be sleeping in a canoe with dangerous people. It doesn't feel right leaving them like that. I mean the only thing we can do is help them," said the kind-hearted singer. "No matter how much it costs, can't we get him and his mates in a house with an older person look after them," the "Shape of You" singer added.

As reported by Birmingham Mail, Ed revealed he heard stories about boys getting raped by older boys, which encouraged him to aid the boys. The singer also disclosed during his visit to West Point school, which is infamous as the most dangerous slum in Monrovia that he was blown away by the curiosity of these kids to learn and achieve their dreams.

While talking to the BBC, Sheeran said he asked the kids about their ambitions, to which he got replies like 'doctor', 'politician' and 'teachers' and by the look on their faces, they really meant it. He also mentioned the incident when a small girl named Peaches came to talk to him with no uniform. The girl told the singer about her father's death in Ebola crisis and how her mother can't afford to send her to school.

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