Major Shooting For “Avengers: Infinity War” Happening In Edinburgh

The filming of the third sequel of Marvels' Avengers franchise "Avengers: Infinity War" is under way in and around Edinburgh, and if reports are to be believed, all the major star cast has landed the city for their shoot.

As reported by the BBC, this is said to be the biggest filming project ever happened in Scotland. The production company has blocked off the central street for the night shoot, with a giant green screen installed in Waverley station for special effects. And since the biggest superhero project is taking place in Edinburgh, super-excited fans are trying their best to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars portraying the roles, they are best known for.

According to Games Radar, by the looks of the sets and locations, they are actually using Scotland as a setting and not just pretending to be any other place. This can be obvious by the posters on the sets stating "This is Scotland" along with one kebab shop with the board citing "We will deep fry your kebab".

It was also previously reported by the Express that a short video of Paul Bettany, who have played the role of 'Vision' filming during a night shoot was circulated. Although, it isn't certain if it really was Bettany or his body double for the purpose of stunts. A fan named Lewis Wake, who is a residence of Edinburgh, told Newsbeat that the production company have been using drone footage at night and also announced about some small explosions that will take place next week. They were told not to panic.

Another fan named Josie Marwick, who owns a gift shop nearby the sets of the film said she has signed a non-disclosure contract but is very excited about the shooting. "There's been many changes in the shops as they paint them up. The entire street's got a buzz to it and it will be very exciting to watch the movie," said Marwick.

Before that, Edinburgh was a filming location for movies like "Trainspotting 2" and "World War Z". Avengers: Infinity War part 1 is scheduled to premiere on May 4, 2018.

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