After taking a long break from making it to the top 40 charts, John Mayer finally made his comeback. In one of his latest songs, the guitarist admitted that he poured his feelings about ex-girlfriend Katy Perry in it.

In an interview with New York Times, John Mayer spoke about what his new album meant for him. From what the album is called, "The Search of Everything," it could be about how he was finally ready to change, even settle down, after his long self-imposed exile.

John Mayer also spoke about his famous love life, in which he has dated some famous women including Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry.

He admitted, "I'm a young guy. I like girls." He admitted that he wants them to like him, saying "I want to make music and be thought of as attractive." And after the self-realization, he is ready to return to his passion, music.

He also admitted he missed his ex Katy Perry. When asked about one of the songs in the album, "Still Feel Like Your Man", he revealed that it is about her, saying "Who else would I be thinking about?" John Mayer said he has not been dating anyone else in the past five to six years.

So his relationship with Perry, of course, got a special effect on him. "That was my only relationship," he said. "So it's like, give me this, people."

John Mayer opened up about the album that it started as a breakup album. But during the process of making it, especially in the past six months, Mayer said that there is a biological turnover. He recently became an uncle and he finally wants to settle down. He said it is the "final frontier."

Ever since breaking up with Katy Perry, John Mayer revealed he has not been trying to get out. He admitted that there is the occasional messing around on an exclusive dating app, he said: "It's just lot of chatter." And not so much meeting up with anyone from the app.