The queen of surprise just did her job again this week. Beyonce knows how her fans love her surprises, so she called up a fan, who is a cancer patient, on FaceTime.

According to Cosmopolitan, Beyonce had a video call with Ebony Banks who is nicknamed Ebob. Ebob is a student at Alief Hastings High School in Houston and has been spending most of her senior year at the hospital battling a rare form of stage IV cancer. Her friends knew that she is a huge BeyHive, one of the biggest fans of Beyonce, and that is how they set up a plan to make her wish come true.

Banks' friends and families launched a social media campaign called #EbobMeetsBeyonce to make the singer notice their effort. The campaign was done on Twitter and Instagram and began after Ebob, who is receiving treatment at MD Anderson Hospital, had an early graduation at the hospital. According to ABC News, the graduation ceremony was attended by 100 people, including her color guard teammates, school administration and faculty members, as well as the hospital staffers.

Her fellow color guard teammates knew how much Ebob loves Beyonce. Paul Brodt, the director of Alief Hastings High School, said that the teen is either "listening to her or talking about her. She knows everything about her music and her life."

The campaign worked well with the Internet support. Shayna McKnight, one of Ebob's classmates told Us Weekly how euphoric it was when finally their friend's dream was going to come true. "We actually got her attention," she said recalling when Beyonce noticed the campaign.

On Wednesday, her idol finally called her on FaceTime. In a short video of the two talking on the phone, Beyonce told Banks "I love you," while smiling and waving at her. The teen said the same thing to Beyonce.