The image of Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling laughing mysteriously onstage during the Oscars in one of the biggest faux pas in the greatest movie award history has been surfacing all over the Internet with people giving various speculations behind his mirth.

The "Drive" actor has cleared all the rumors by revealing the exact reason behind the laughter after "La La Land" was mistakenly announced as Best Picture over "Moonlight".

According to BBC, Gosling explained that he thought there was some kind of medical emeegency since everyone in the crowd had a panicked reaction. "I was watching people getting panicked in the crowd. Guys were coming on with headsets and I thought someone got hurt in the theater," said the 36-year-old star at the Abode Summit in Last Vegas.

"I had this worst case scenario in my mind, but then I heard "Moonlight" won and I was so relieved that I began laughing," the "La La Land" actor added.

Gosling also stated that he knew the director and have worked with them and in reality, he was quite thrilled that "Moonlight" won the Best picture as he described it as a groundbreaking movie, made for a million dollars, reports Guardian.

"It was certainly an incredible achievement and I'm very happy that they were being recognized," the actor said. While it may be a sorrowful moment for "La La Land" team, Ryan was quite happy to see that the real winners were recognized for their work, and most importantly, no one was injured for sure.

The whole mishap happened when the presenters Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty was given the wrong envelope that stated 'Emma Stone, La La Land' instead of the real Best Picture winner "Moonlight". The incident garnered international attraction and was highly criticized for the error made by representatives PricewaterhouseCoopers.