Netflix has just released the first trailer of the most anticipated live-action adaptation of the highly popular anime series "Death Note" based on the internationally acclaimed manga series by the same name.

The film stars Nat Wolff of "The Fault in our stars'" fame who will portray the lead role Light Turner (Light Yagami in anime and manga) along with Keith Stanfield who will play the role of a secret detective named 'L'.

According to Gamespot, the movie will be directed by Adam Wingard who has previously given cult hits like "You're Next" and "The Guest" along with last year's horror sequel "Blair Witch". Charley and Vlas Parlapanides ("Immortals") and Jeremy Slater (TVs "The Exorcist") are brought in to write the script of the movie. The project was first announced by Warner, but moved to Netflix last year after a delay in the development, reports Collider.

As reported by The Verge, "Death Note" tells the story of a young man, who finds a supernatural book that allows him to kill any person just by writing the name on the notebook. He then uses the book to eliminate all the evil people in order to change the world for the better. The man is constantly watched by the real owner of the book, a shinigami called 'Ryuk', but finds himself in a tug of war with highly intelligent and enigmatic detective goes by the alias of 'L'.

The 1-minute teaser trailer only showcases Light finding the notebook and using it to kill the criminals before ending with the terrifying eyes of the demon, Ryuk. However, it doesn't show any other vital characters. The original manga and anime series enjoyed an international fame with many critics praising it for the originality and smartly written script.

This certainly looks very promising and it would very interesting to see the cult classic anime bringing to life. Let's just hope it survives the expectations of fans across the globe as they will be extremely eager for the film which will stream on Netflix in August 25.