The hottest couple keeps showing off the world how cute they can be. Gigi Hadid and Zayn just had an interview where both of them went candid and sweet at the same time.

The interview is done as a part of Versus Versace campaign. In a short video posted by Versace's official Twitter, Gigi Hadid heard to be interviewing Zayn while she was behind the camera. Gigi opened the interview by saying "Hello Zayn Malik, welcome to Gigi show" before the former member of One Direction nodded and thanked his girlfriend.

She went on asking him about how he feels being on her show, and Zayn gave the answer saying that he was very excited. Gigi Hadid also said that her boyfriend is the "most handsome person" on her show.

In another short video clip of the interview, the couple showed off the cuter part of them. Gigi Hadid asked her boyfriend about who does he want to be next to when he is alone. And unsurprisingly, he spontaneously answered "You" while smiling.

Gigi Hadid then responded by saying "thanks, baby." before adding "and our dogs" which is agreed by Zayn. And Zayn added that sometimes he wants his mother to be next to him too.

Zayn then went more candid in another video clip posted on the fashion brand's Twitter. He told her girlfriend that during his personal time, he would do some things depending on his mood. Zayn said that he would do "a bit cooking" when he is in a good mood, relaxing and playing video games. Meanwhile, when the "Pillowtalk" singer is in a bad mood, he would prefer to exercise.

According to Teen Vogue, Gigi Hadid actually had a deeper involvement beyond the candid interview. In an Instagram video posted by Zayn, it shows that Gigi is actually the photographer for the campaign. Besides Zayn, model Adwoa Aboah is also a part of the campaign where she was interviewed by Gigi Hadid as well.