Cat Deeley only has sore words for the Los Angeles restaurant she recently visited. The television presenter used the Twitter platform to show her disgust on her visit to the Tom George eatery, which according to her, is run by a terrible manager.

As reported by the Mirror, the 40-year-old star felt anything but satisfied after leaving the restaurant with zero tip. "The worst featuring, worst food! And for the manager???? Moron!!!!... The most disgusting restaurant, terribly run by the manager, who can only be described as an amateur. Avoid at all cost. #tomgoeorge. (sic)," the star wrote on her Twitter wall including a street map of the restaurant.

Cat also mentioned that she waited for her order for over an hour, and God forbid, with a hair on the right dish before serving it wrong five times in a row. According to Metro, the actress and model also responded to a tweet asked by one of her followers about her experience at the restaurant writing, "Absolutely awful, worst restaurant in LA".

However, in defense of the Tom George, the waiter who served Cat, tweeted back saying that he was hurt by the response the restaurant received after serving free food. "I gave you respect and I served you with love," wrote J. Vasko-Bezenek. Cat also responded by saying that she didn't hold him responsible, but it was the food and the manager who utterly unhelpful and rude.

Cat later clarified that her order arrived at her table incorrectly five times and the dish of one of her guests was inedible, branding it as 'zero service'. To her constant posts, the manager of Tom George Guest Relation told that Cat came here and ordered some dishes, which she didn't like. "Different people have different taste and she didn't like it, so our manager apologized and discounted the bill that cost over $200. What more one can expect from him. I don't know why he was called a moron as he was very helpful and nice," said the restaurant's guest relation manager.