Dame Vera Lynn, also known as the 'Forces' Sweetheart' celebrated her 100th birthday last Monday. To mark the day, a huge picture of young Lynn was projected on the White Cliffs from Dover sea wall in the early morning.

Vera Lynn is known for entertaining the British troops during World War II with her wartime ballads that captured Britons hopes during the war with the Nazi Germany for longing home and peace. Some of her famous songs include "We'll Meet Again" and "The White Cliffs of Dover" that catapulted her to fame. According to the Mirror, when asked how she feels turning 100, "Old, old in body but young at heart," said the veteran singer.

"I can't drink champagne now, but I will be drinking lemonade with red wine to celebrate," Lynn, who just released her latest album Vera Lynn 100 with Alfie Boe and Alexander Armstrong, said during the interview. She also set a new record of becoming the oldest living artist to release an album, breaking her own record she set in 2014.

Talking to the BBC, Lynn also recalled her WWII days of driving her Austin 10 while bombs made their way to London. When asked for advice on aging, the singer said, "Be active to your full capabilities. While you can do that, I hope you will continue"

Vera Lynn, who is the daughter of a plumber and a dressmaker, released her first solo when she was 19. The singer came to fame during the War and traveled to Egypt and Burma (Myanmar) to perform for the soldiers who were fighting for their country in foreign lands. She received the title of Dame by Queen Elizabeth in 1975, who wished the singer her 100th anniversary.

"You cheered and uplifted us during and after the War, and I am sure that this evening the blue birds of Dover will be flying over to wish a happy anniversary," wrote the 90-year-old monarch, reports Daily Mail.