When science is applied to solve problems in the world, that is what these makers are trying to do. Challenged by a little girl in need of a forearm to help her use a paper towel dispenser, they accept the challenge and worked on it in only 72 hours.

In a make-a-thon event in Reston, Virginia organized by TOM-Global this year, makers were trying to create a forearm for Jordan Reeves, an eleven-year-old girl who was born with a limb difference. In a video by Refinery29, Jordan challenged the makers to create a prosthetic forearm to help her do some specific tasks, including to use paper towel dispensers that require two hands.

The three makers spent 72 hours to create the prosthetic forearm for Jordan. On the first day, the makers designed the prototype for the forearm. After asking Jordan what she thought about the design and asked her what she wanted to add, the makers went on to build the prototype on the second day. Finally, the makers presented the prototype before giving the prosthetic arm to Jordan.

Jordan Reeves, the girl who challenged the makers to create a prosthetic forearm is an inventor herself. According to CNN, Jordan had presented her inventions to the judges from a tv show "Shark Tank". The glittery 3D printed invention is called "Project Unicorn", which she created at the KIDmob's "Superhero Cyborgs" camp. Her invention received a praise from Mark Cuban, who told her that she was a superhero.

She has been helping people by inspiring them through her courage and ideas. Jordan has been presenting her invention at Kid Inventor's Day at New York University. While her mother, Jen Reeves, has been sharing the stories on her blog "Born Just Right". Because of her ideas, Jordan received an award at Disney World last year, and she met the cast of "Finding Nemo The Musical".