'I Thought I Was Going To Be Raped And Killed," Says Kim Kardashian On Paris Robbery Experience

In the latest episode of "Keeping up with the Kardashians", Kim Kardashian spoke about her traumatic Paris experience in October when she was robbed by goons at gunpoint. The 36-year-old actress shared the entire event tearfully to her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, at 4:30 AM, Kim was lying in her Paris hotel when she heard footsteps on the stairs. Believing it to be her sister's and friends returning from a party, the star called out with no proper response. "It was that moment when my heart begins to feel tense. I knew something isn't right," said Kim during the interview.

The reality star then peeked through the door only to see two conmen disguised as police, grabbing the concierge down with handcuff who happen to had the key to her room. Kim then revealed some spine-chilling details when the goons entered the room, armed, and grabbed her legs. As reported by People, it was that moment when she thought she was going to get raped and murdered.

"I had no clothes on under there and he threw me on the bed, and I thought, 'this is it, he's is going to rape me'. I prepared myself for it but he didn't. The man placed duct tape on my legs while a gun hanging on my head. I prayed to God that Kourtney now will live a normal life when she sees my dead body on the bed," the star tearfully explained.

She further added that she has a family, kids, husband and mother and she is going to make it out of here. "I know these things go by. Those were my last thought when they threw me in the bathroom and ran away with my belongings that included a $4 million diamond ring gifted by her husband Kanye West," said the reality star.

Later in the episode, Kris revealed she ran out from her hotel room almost naked when she found out about the incident. Kim was then reunited with her entire family and left Paris, which hold so many dear memories, right away, reports Mirror.

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