Finally, the journey of Nick Viall looking for the lucky girl receiving Neil Lane's diamond ring on "The Bachelor" franchise had come to an end. In the last Monday episode, the 36-year-old bachelor had to decide between the two remaining candidates - Vanessa Grimaldi and Raven Gates.

However, according to The Daily Beast, before Viall could choose a winner, he would have to go on one last date with the remaining candidates in family visits. It had already "The Bachelor" law in each season. Thus, Viall invited his family to the Arctic Circle to meet the two in-law candidates. Apparently, his family was also contributed in his decision.

The trouble in decision-making is well understood, as each of the two girls have Northern-Southern contrast charm. As reported by Variety, Grimaldi is a special education teacher from Montreal who took a mature journey with the bachelor. However special connection the two shared, Viall still had doubt about their future dwelling, Canada or the U.S.

Meanwhile Gates has enjoyed a lively and carefree journey as a boutique owner from Hoxie, Arkansas. Her black hair and southern charm apparently had stolen Viall's heart.

At last, who was the lucky girl chosen by Nick Viall to receive Neil Lane's diamond ring? She was Vanessa Grimaldi. As reported by People, Viall confessed that it was hard to let Gates go, however he did not regret it because he had been falling in love with Grimaldi for all this time. And though sometimes he tried to fight that feeling, finally he decided to propose her.

Even though "The Bachelor" franchise had ended, Viall is still going to be around. It is because he is no longer a software salesman from Wisconsin. He had moved to L.A. to dance with stars. He also hang out with Elijah Wood, and having his own line of men's beauty products.