Official Trailer Of New Pixar Movie 'Coco' Released


Pixar Animation Studio just released the first trailer of its latest animation flick, "Coco". This is going to be Pixar's first original project since 2015's hit "The Good Dinosaur".

The film is described by the director Lee Ulrich, who also directed the films "Toy Story 3" and "Finding Nemo," as "a love letter to Mexico".

According to the Guardian, "Coco" showcases the journey of a boy named Miguel, who is captivated by his late idol and guitarist Ernesto de la Cruz. The trailer, which is 2-minute and 4-seconds long, shows Miguel entering a mystical world of Land of the Dead along with his pet Hector after touching his idol's guitar. As expected by Pixar, the trailer is full of life and colors.

As reported by the Washington Post, the movie is voiced by Gael Garcia Bernal and Benjamin Bratt along with Renee Victor. The featurette also gave fans a glimpse of beautiful Mexican Holiday known as Dia de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead. The movie had been in development for quite some time now, from 2012 to be more precise.

"We had another kid voicing for Miguel, who is now 17 or 18 years old, which should tell you how long this project has been in development. But his voice changed and in trying to find a new voice for the scratch, we discover Anthony," says the director.

In recent years, Pixar mainly focused on sequels, instead of new idea. Last year, they released "Finding Dory" which is a sequel to 2003s "Finding Nemo". After "Coco" Pixar won't release any original feature film until 2020 as they will release the third installment of hit franchise Cars in June while "Toy Story 4" and "The Incredibles 2" in the mid.

Coco is stated to release on November 22 in the United States while on December 8 in Britain.

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