‘Beauty And The Beast’ Latest News & Updates: Malaysia Release Postponed After Gay Scene Cut


Walt Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" won't be out in Muslim-territory Malaysia after suffering a gay moment cut from the censor board. The screening of the movie has been indefinitely postponed due to this unforeseen circumstances.

According to Daily Mail, Walt Disney was hit with a controversy after the director, Bill Condon, announced the movie would feature gay character LeFou, who is the main sidekick to the villain Gaston. The live action remake of the 1991 animated feature "Beauty and the Beast" was slated for release on March 16 in Malaysia with billboards and posters advertising the film all over Kuala Lumpur.

However, the biggest cinema chains in the country announced that the film had been postponed until further notice. TGV Cinemas stated on their website that customers who have paid in advanced for the film will get a refund. The mystery, although, is the reason behind the Walt Disney's decision to halt the movie release.

As reported by the Guardian, film censorship board chairman Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid said he has no idea why the film has been held up by Disney. He said it had been approved following a minor gay scene cut.

"It is only one short scene, which is inappropriate as children will be watching the movie. The promotion of homosexuality is forbidden and the movie was given a PG-13 rating that requires parental guidance for children under 13 years of age," he said.

Abdul Hamid further added that there was no appeal from Disney about the decision to cut the scene. There is no response to the request by Disney officials, but the Star English newspaper that the movie was delayed for an internal review.

Starring Emma Watson, who infamously turned down the Oscar-winning role of "La La Land", the movie is one of the most anticipated this year. Earlier this week, Russia approved the movie screening, but forbid children under 16 from watching it.

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