Andrew Lincoln Returns As Mark In 'Love Actually' Sequel


BBC just released the first teaser trailer of the much-anticipated sequel "Red Nose Day Actually," which showcase Andrew Lincoln reprising the role of Mark from 2003's beloved romantic comedy "Love Actually".

According to the Mirror, the teaser paid homage to the most adored moment of the original film where Mark holds up a series of romantic cards on the doorstep of Keira Knightley's character Juliet. Only this time the "Walking Dead" actor returns looking way older with his bearded appearance.

Mark also brought those big series white cards stating, "Hello, I just wanted to ask, without hope or agenda and just because it's nearly Red Nose Day that you will join us for a very special reunion called Red Nose Day Actually on Friday 24th March BBC One." Although, it is still a mystery that to whom the actor is sending messages this time as Keira was nowhere to be seen in the promo, reports Standard.

In the original film, Mark revealed his feelings for Juliet with the series of white cards that concludes, "To me you are perfect". Following which, Keira pursues him and give him a farewell kiss before returning back to her husband and Mark's best friends, Peter played by Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Fans, across the world, have been eagerly waiting for the mini sequel of their best British rom-com and the teaser certainly raised their hopes. The 10-minute short film will also reunite most of the cast including Rowan Atkinson, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Mascus Brigstocke, Hugh Grant, Martine McCutcheon, Lucia Moniz, Bill Nighy, Liam Neeson, Keir Charles, Kate Moss and Olivia Olson.

However, as reported by the Independent, Emma Thompson won't be a part of the movie due to the demise of Alan Rickman last year, who portrayed the love interest of the actress in the original film. In an interview, Emma told writer and director Richard Curtis apologized to her for not being able to write anything for her because of Alan. "I said, of course, it would be sad, too sad," said the actress.

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