Wonder Woman New Trailer Released, Revealing The Origins Of DC Hero


The DC fans had a finally the pleasure to witness the second trailer of the much-awaited superhero flick, "Wonder Woman" starring none other than Gal Cadot. The character of wonder woman first appeared in 2016 superhero movie "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" outing her 75-year long history, though she has been a central character of DC's superheroes for ages.

Thus, the expectations from the movie is certainly very high, which, judging from the trailer, is a solo adventure of the female superhero fighting the evils of the world.

According to the Independent, the latest trailer showcased the origin of Diana Prince, back from her childhood on Themyscira, the island of Amazonian warrior women whose sacred duty is to defend human mankind, to becoming one of the lead characters of Justice League. The movie, which also stars Chris Pine as a US military fighter pilot, will reveal the first look of young Diana and the fierce training she goes into to fulfill her destiny.

As reported by IBTimes, the new featurette, unlike the first trailer, was on high on action-packed scenes as Diana takes on with Robin Wright's General Antiope, who trained the Gadot's character ten times harder than any other fellow Amazon sisters. When the day arrives, Diana accompanies with the American pilot to embark on a journey to become Wonder Woman, leaving behind her sheltered home.

The movie, which is directed by Patty Jenkins, is believed to take a slightly different look as compared to other DC Comic movies such as "Batman V Superman", "Man Of Steel" and "Suicide Squad", which is set in the midst of World War I, where Wonder Woman arrives with an intent to save the world. "If no one else will defend the world, then I must," said the Gadot's character in the clip.

The film is stated to release on June 2, 2017, in the United States.

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