It did not go unnoticed that during the Academy Awards ceremony, actress Brie Larson did not clap for Best Actor winner Casey Affleck after having to present him the award. Viewers witnessed the less-than-thrilled look pasted on her face, and then, her refusal to stand to applaud the "Manchester By the Sea" actor.

During her appearance at the Hollywood premiere of her latest movie, "Kong: Skull Island," she revealed to Vanity Fair that her decision not to clap is intentional. "I think that whatever it was that I did onstage kind of spoke for itself," she said, refusing to add more to the issue.

The refusal to celebrate Affleck's win may have stemmed from an old issue that was settled out of court: in 2010, the actor was accused of sexually harassing women he worked with on the film "I'm Still Here." While the suit was settled quietly, Affleck denied the allegations while his team called the lawsuits "preposterous and without merit."