Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Divorce Put On Hold

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are putting their divorce on hold.

The couple have had a tumultuous relationship, and the media has been feasting on them since the beginning - whether they were breaking up over an alleged affair with the nanny or vacationing in the Bahamas together, the pair was never outside media scrutiny.

In the latest Bennifer development, it seems they are calling off their divorce for the time being, although according to People, they are technically not back together.

In June 2015, the couple shook up the gossip columns as they announced their plans to divorce just after their 10-year-anniversary.

However, just a month later, Bennifer and family jetted off to the Bahamas, just weeks arter they were said to have broken up - with Affleck said to have been cheating on his wife with the family nanny, who was rumored to be "in love with him.."

The couple announced their separation in June 2015 - and although they are not back together, it seems that tehy have devcided to keep working on their marriage, as a source close to Garner said that she "has claled off the divorce," adding that "she really wants to work things out with Ben" and that they are "giving things another try."

Divorce or no divorce, the couple's separation was unusual as far as families go as they still cohabited in their five-bedroom home with their kids, but sleeping in separate bedrooms. Accroding to Us Magazine, Garner recently revealed that she had been sleeping in her 10-year-old daughter's bedroom, while Affleck sleeps in the guest room. A source said that "Jen seems to still be in love with Ben," and that "if it was up to Ben, they would be together, he feels like he can't live without Jen."

Still, a source close to Ben shared that lawyers are still finalizing the details of the divorce privately, and the former couple never thought to rush it, which is why they are still living in their agreed upon arrangement.

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