‘This Is Us’ Ratings Soar, Breaking New Series Records

 "This Is Us" is NBC's latest hit drama series, and it just broke records on Tuesday as it reached the 11 million-viewer-mark for its first season's penultimate episode.

The Wrap reported that the show set a high mark for its 18-49 key demographic for its regular episodes with a 2.9 rating. However, a special January 10 airing set it for 3.0 as it followed President Obama's farewell speech. Yet, that's not the highest that the show got as its first season came to a close.

This put NBC at the top ratings-wise, with "The Voice" at 2.6/10 and 11.5 million viewers, while "This is Us" scored close with a 2.9/10 rating and 11 million viewers. Yahoo! News also reported that CBS came in second in ratings with "NCIS" landing 1.6/6 and 14.1 million viewers, while "Bull" managed a 1.3/5 rating and 10.3 million viewers.

Of course, with the season finale still coming, there are a lot of strings that need to be tied up together. For instance, Entertainment Tonight noted that the penultimate episode saw Mandy Moore's Rebecca and Milo Ventimiglia's Jack say goodbye to each other for what could possibly be the final time as she started on her tour. However, in the present-time, someone revealed herself to be the cause of Jack's death - which incidentally is the one that fans have been dying to know about since the beginning of the season.

"People want to know what happens with Jack. This may be the time when they find out," Ventimiglia said of the ending. This may not necessarily be Jack's end though, as Ventimiglia also said in the same interview with Entertainment Weekly that this could just be a red herring and be Jack's wakeup call to stitch his life back together.

Still that doesn't meant that the finale could be less brutal, as Ventimiglia already assured fans that tissues may be in order when watching the end of the season.

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