A week after Orlando Bloom called it quits on his 10-month long relationship with Katy Perry, it was reported by some sources that they are still in touch with one another. And that makes the fans of Korlando -- as some fans called them -- pray for their reunion.

E! News has an exclusive update about their recent situation. According to a source, the 40-year-old actor and the 32-year-old "Chained To The Rhythm" singer are in a good term after their breakup, and they are still "text and talk." Perry and Bloom even still spent time together occasionally. Daily Mail also added that according to a source, Bloom still care for his ex so much, and maintain their carefree dynamic recent situation.

It is not a strange thing since Perry -- once married to comedian Russel Brand and dated John Mayer -- assured that she was also in "cool" terms with her former lovers. She even stated in her Twitter that no one is a victim or a villain in her past relationships, and that the breakups were just some phases in her life.

As for whether Bloom and Perry will reunite, there is a possibility of that to happen. It is because according to the same source, Bloom and Perry apparently did not have a serious problem in their relationship before the breakup. And Bloom called his relationship quits since he is not yet prepared for a serious relationship, in which Perry have prepared herself to be Mrs. Bloom and a mother for Flynn, Orlando's six years-old son from his previous marriage with Miranda Kerr.

Moreover, Mirror reported that the breakup between Perry and Bloom was because Bloom did not want marriage or kids. A source also added that the split up was due to another classic problem, work. And the news was so shocking since the pair looked so romantic at a post-Oscars party just 48 hours before.