Fresh Beauty is set to launch two new shades to add to their already iconic line of lip balms. In a world of matte lippies and pencils, it is nice to know that the basics are readily available in pretty and delicate shades.

In an Instagram post, the company shared that they are ready to debut two new sugar innovations - one is a pale pink Super Lip Treatment shade called Sugar Bloom that "leaves a sensual shimmery pink tint," which is a great addition to their Millennial Pink Collection.

Pop Sugar noted that Fresh Beauty's lip balms also have SPF and a sparkly but neutral tint, perfect for the upcoming summer months - or even for the cold weather to protect lips in whichever temperature.

For makeup addicts, Fresh Beauty is not the only brand releasing new products soon. Urban Decay, known for there amazing primers and eyeshadow shades is also expanding their beauty empire with their new Skin Care Range as a way to place emphasis on skin health. Glamour reported that there will at least be six products in Urban Decay's new line, including Lip Love (which is assumed to be a balm), Pore Refining Peel, Hot Springs Hydrating Gel, Pretty Gritty Skin Polish (exfoliator), Oxygenated Bubble Mask and Moisture Eye Roller.

Last, but not least, the Lisa Frank Beauty Line is definitely in the works. Working hand in hand with Glamour Dolls, the latter's co-founder Jessica Romano shared in an interview with Today that Frank's favorite formula is the "unicorn lipstick," which, considering her designs, come as no surprise.

All the details regarding the Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank makeup line have already been decided, and it is said to include liquid lip liner, highlighter, and matte lipstick. Fans also have the added benefit of being part in the creation process, as those who donated to the campaign can pick shades and vote on the names for the products, which are said to be ready for release this fall.