Even when One Direction are in a hiatus, directioners are still loyally waiting for the band to reunite and the rumors about the romantic relationship between the band members, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are still there. Even wilder, there is a rumor saying that 'Larry', the term for the couple, made up by combining their names, are actually married.

Louis Tomlinson, who is the last member of the band releasing a solo project, hinted that the band might reunite sometime. Daily Mail reported that Louis threw the hint on TODAY show, before performing his latest solo single. He told the presenters that the band members are exploring their solo projects and the reunion is possible but he does not know when.

Louis recently split with his ex-girlfriend, the brunette beauty, Danielle Campbell, not so long after his mother's death, as reported by Mirror Online. The couple has been dating for a year before they stopped showing their closeness in public.

He then started getting busy with his own solo project, a single featuring DJ Steve Aoki "Just Hold On". The singer did his debut solo performance on X-Factor just three days after his mother passed away, according to E! News. Louis and DJ Steve Aoki then received a standing ovation from the judges as well as kind words for his brave performance.

The British singer who got into One Direction from the singing contest had been receiving bad rumors including the hearsay about his romantic relationship with the bandmate Harry Styles. Fans speculate that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have been married for four years this year, as reported by HollywoodLife. The rumor has not been proved yet but some fans are still eagerly spreading it across the internet.

And Louis Tomlinson does not seem to be happy with the rumor. He banned the word "Larry" from his Instagram account, using the social media feature to block comments containing certain words, according to the Sun. The father-of-one also responded to the rumor on Twitter, tweeting, "Larry is the biggest load of bull**** I've ever heard."

Watch a video of Louis Tomlinson speaking about One Direction reunion: