Urban Decay will release a new lip innovation. After the 30-strong Vice Liquid Lipstick in January and Comfort Matte and Metallic finishes, the brand offered a vice special effects holographic long-lasting and water-resistant liquid lip topcoat that totally different with other lipsticks.

As reported by POPSUGAR, Urban Decay has always been known for creating edgy makeup to give sexy, smoky, smudgy and bold nuances. Moreover, like the Vice Liquid lip topcoat, which launched a couple weeks ago, the new lipstick will have a very long-lasting effects, not to mention water-resistant.

According to Bustle, the metallic, iridescent, and sparkling effect in jewel tones is the trend now, whether it's on the eyes, lips or face. And the Urban Decay lipstick has it. The product also has the ability to enhance other products used altogether miraculously. Be it is a simple product like a boring old matte lipstick, or lipstick cream that always easily wiped out, the lip topcoat can make it last all day long. It can also turn the lipstick base into something more amazing and mythical fantasies.

Urban Decay and its founder, Wender Zomnir, teased images of the lip topcoat on their individual Instagram. From the images the hint of five colors can bee seen, that are mermaid green, sky blue, white iridescent, metallic fuchsia, and purple. There is even a duo chrome blue that looks very similar to Too Faced's Unicorn Tears Lipstick.

Urban Decay beautiful model, Ruby Rose, also showed how stunning it can be. She wore a purple lipstick with a blue-tinted glitter finish that showed a hint of the next unicorn beauty obsession. Allure added whether the lip topcoat would be a Unicorn beauty or Mermaid beauty, the latest holographic makeup trend is still undeniable. Thus, many people have been waiting for this product. Nevertheless until now, the release time or the price or the retail locations are still undisclosed.