YouTube Beauty Guru's Elle & Blair Fowler launched pre-sign up for their much anticipated 'Skylark' makeup brand. The sisters were also nominated for the 2012 Teen Choice Awards for Web Star. What an exciting week the YouTube stars are having.

The YouTube Guru's site 'AllthatGlitters21' and 'Juicystar07' currently has over 1.5 million subscribers and over 300 million video views. The sisters are currently planning to launch their novel and makeup line. Also, the beauty guru's responded to their recent nomination for the 2012 Teen Choice Awards for Web Star."This is such a huge honor, and all of you wonderful supporters are the ones who have made this possible. Thank you SO much for your love and're the best! Stated Elle & Blair on their webpage.

On Thursday, June 14th Blair announced in a YouTube video that the presale sign-up for the product is now available on, within minutes of the announcement the site crashed, due to overwhelming amount of traffic, an estimated ten times the normal traffic. The website is now back up. 

"We are thrilled to know that Elle and Blair's fans are so enthusiastic about Skylark," stated Dan Obegi, and's CEO.

"While we knew they had a devoted following, we could have never imagined numbers like this," stated Dan Obegi, CEO of and Regarding the YouTube Beauty Guru's fan base.

Skylark by Blair and Elle is expected to be released in September 4th 2012 on, which happens to be on the same day the sister novel 'Beneath the Glitter' will be released in Amazon and B&N.