LuxyHair Leyla post fan requested 'JLo Dance Again Inspired' top bun. Leyla half of LuxyHair duo has over 400,000 subscribers and 65 million video views.

Styling Tools
Brush, Elastic Band, Bobby pins, combination of Hairspray Gel or Mousse

Leyla recommends the style is best to do on 2nd or 3rd day hair, due to more texture.

Brush- all hair back, upside down is the best way to do top buns, gravity helps
Brush- Hair towards the hands, gathering the hair at the top, and tie up 2 or 3 times (High Pony Tail)
Spray- Hairspray on palms and smooth up the hair towards the center.
Twist the hair into a bun - use Gel to apply on hair that sticks out
Pin the hair in place using bobby pins, stick towards the pony tail
Smooth out any hair sticking out by hair spray on palm and push towards the bun
High Fashion top bun is complete