Brie Larson Refused To Clap For Casey Affleck During Oscars

 Brie Larson won the Academy Award for Best Actress last year as a rape survivor in the movie, "Room." As the awards show's tradition, she had to present the award for best actor this year - Casey Affleck.

Ben Affleck's brother had a solid performance in "Manchester by the Sea," but in a silent protest to hi win, Larson looked not only downtrodden by her own announcement, she also refused to applaud for Casey - an irony that wasn't lost on many.

As the Daily Mail reported, this is not the first time this awards season that Larson had to present Affleck the award, and in both instances, she didn't applaud the actor. The first time this happened was last month, for the Golden Globe, also for Best Actor. However, unlike the previous event Larson did hug Affleck briefly as she handed him the golden statue.

This refusal came because Larson has been a vocal advocate for sexual assault survivors, and Affleck was subject to sexual harassment allegations back in 2010, when two women who worked with him filed separate lawsuits against the actor. One woman claimed that he snuck into her bed while she was sleeping, and woke up to Affleck "caressing" her back.

E! Online noted that he denied such allegations, and both cases were settled out of court. However, suffice it is to say, his Oscar win was met with controversy, not only from Larson, but from many in social media as well.

Twitter, in particular was quick to react his win, asking why someone who has been accused of sexual assault was ever nominated to begin with. This also seemed like a step back from last year when Lady Gaga played her song 'Til It Happens to You' which was also about her own sexual assault. In last year's ceremony, Gaga was joined by a group of sexual assault survivors, where she hugged each one after her performance.

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