Fashion Designer Michael Kors recently launched 'Living the Kors Life' a behind-the-scenes interactive, digital series that explores the daily life of fashion designer employees, each with "their own little point of view of what they're wearing."

The series stars three women in different areas of Michaels, New York City headquarters. The show delivers a glimps into the glamorous lifestyle, secret vacations and favorite restaurants of each of Michael Kors characters. The audience can interact through the show site


"I have always loved seeing the way so many chic women with very different lives and styles wear my designs," Kors shares in a statement.

Michel shares the inspiration to the reality series stating "The most amazing place for me to see people wearing my cloths and how they where them are right here in my own office, everyday I see really chic stylish women who work for me."

The reality series first character Savannah is featured in the site, Savannah is a sorority girl turned "sleek professional in 60 seconds," inspired by fashion photography.


The audience can interact with the shows characters and also look at designs and even shop for the products they see at the Destination Kors website.