Daith piercings are those trends that can be seen everywhere, but very few knew what they were actually called. For those who are still in the dark, it is another piercing for the ears, but located above the tragus - called the crus helix. In simpler terms, it is the innermost cartilage fold of the ears.

Body Electric Tattoo's Brian Keith Thompson told Refinery29 that this piercing style has been blowing up in LA, which is understandable, considering how cool it looked. Because it is tucked in the ear, Thompson also noted that it is easier to heal, which should sell to those who love piercings but hate the idea of agonizing over a needle pierce for days at a time.

While daith piercings do look pretty cool, it seems that they do more than add an accent to your ear: many claimed that these piercings can stop migraines. Advocates claimed that it works the same way as it does acupuncture, by targeting pressure points on the body to help lessen the feeling of discomfort.

Huffington Post noted that this may be similar to acupuncture in a sense that it stimulates nerves under the skin and muscle tissue, resulting in the production of pain-relieving substances like endorphins. However, pain relief specialist Dr Thomas Cohn said that the piercing will not necessarily work for everybody.

He wrote in his blog, "There isn't a lot of hard science behind the correlation between daith piercings and headache relief. Some people have found relief with this method, but it certainly won't work for everybody." Still, he did acknowledge that acupuncturists have used this target area in their own sessions, and many experienced short-term relief from headache after.

For those who don't find the piercing appealing, Simon Evans of Migraine Action shared that there is no need to suffer in silence. He said that there are other treatments, including acupuncture, change of sleeping patterns and diet, among others.