Heading for a special event, party or gala night? False eyelashes are the best ally to give that party look an extra glamor. However, some find it difficult to pull off false eyelashes that don't look obvious. Here are amazing tips to make false eyelashes look natural.

First, choose falsies wisely. It can be tempting to buy cheap falsies. Remember, the goal is to look glammed up. As a rule of thumb, choose false eyelashes with a clear band, according to POPSUGAR. Top product picks are the Ardell Invisiband Lashes and Kiss Trio Lashes. These falsies are natural-looking and gorgeous.

Second, never forget to wear mascara on the natural eyelashes. Makeup guru Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen, aka Miss Fame, shared with Elle magazine this simple but often forgotten step to make false eyelashes look natural. Mascara adds weight to the natural eyelashes so it can hold the weight of the falsies. Apply a single coat before placing the false eyelashes. After drying, apply another coat to blend the falsies and natural eyelashes.

Mikkelsen also added another tip. Use the fingers instead of tweezers when putting on falsies. This method helps control the placing of the false eyelashes.

Next, MakeUpGeek emphasized the need to apply the false eyelashes on the natural eyelashes and not on the eyelids. Putting the falsies on the eyelids creates a space. It is the exact opposite of the goal to make false eyelashes look natural.

Finally, use dark glue as adhesive. Common sense dictates that since eyelashes are black, it is best to use a black adhesive, too. MakeUpGeek recommended Huda Beauty Lash Glue. If it is unavailable, the next best thing is to swipe black liquid eyeliner along the upper lash line to hide any seam from the eyelash band.

By following these tips, anyone can make false eyelashes look natural. Got a party soon? Try wearing falsies and see the difference it can make.