Lisa Frank is going to release a makeup line, and it looks like it's as magical as 90s kids remember. Just recently, the brand announced a collaboration with vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand Glamour Dolls for a limited-edition collection that will pull at rainbow heartstrings.

Glamour Doll founder Jessica Romano said that a Lisa Frank line felt like a natural fit for her cosmetic brand, which already features glitter liner and doughnut-shaped lip balm cases. Mashable reported that after Romano reached out to the famously private Frank and discussed business with both their teams, Frank signed off on the collaboration, and things have been rolling since.

The Kickstarter campaign that announced the collaboration said that the companies hope to earn $30,000 and launch at least six beauty products that include a lip balm, matte mouse, liquid eyeliner, "unicorn" lippie, highlighter, and of course, a vegan leather bag to tote all the goodies in.

While the campaign is still underway, the companies are currently limited to their releases, and their first collab is an angled blush brush covered with rainbow unicorns reminiscent of the Lisa Frank brand. It looked magical itself, with its rose gold handle and pink-dipped bristles that any 90s kid makeup fan would love. With Kickstarter, however, the companies planned on making more products, with the help of fans every step of the way.

Project backers and donors are said to get not only the limited-edition products, but will also have access behind the scenes, like learning how cosmetics are made, vote on product names, and even pick the shades that will be created. That is only the beginning. Soon, 90s kids will be reminiscing their magical childhood, thanks to a cosmetics brand that wanted to bring Lisa Frank back on stage with her magical rainbow unicorns -- only this time, for nostalgic adults to play colors with.