Angelina Jolie has always been a tough figure -- not only did she star in some amazing action movies, she is also recognized as a humanitarian, for her role as a UNHCR ambassador, amongst other things. With such roles in cinema as well as in real-life, many expect the actress-turned-filmmaker to have done something like eat bugs before -- but it was quite unexpected that she'd cook scorpions with her kids.

In a video from BBC, Jolie was seen in Cambodia with her cast members, kids and reporter Yalda Hakim cooking scorpions for a meal. She explained that most people start with crickets and a beer, moving along their insect-eating adventures to other animals, until eventually, they get around to eating tarantulas, which she said had good flavor. Her son, Knox, was not too keen on the flavor though, saying that the insects tasted like "flavorless chips".

During the segment, Jolie was seen showing twins Knox and Vivienne how to cook some spiders, with Vivienne later on throwing them in the skillet for a quick sautee to add flavor. Many of her fans may find bug-eating disgusting, but the director of "First They Killed My Father" said that most of the shock of eating many-legged creatures have gone away.

According to Vanity Fair, her latest film, which she is screening in Cambodia, focuses on the country's recent history -- the Khmer Rouge regime, which led to around 2 million deaths, told through the eyes of a child. However, there is more to Cambodia that made it close to Angelina Jolie's heart -- not only is she screening her latest movie in the country, it is where her oldest son, Maddox, was from. She adopted him in 2002, after filming "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider," which she said was an experience that opened her eyes to the world in what she calls her "awakening."

 “I came to this country and I fell in love with its people and learned its history, and in doing so learned, how little I actually knew about the world,” she said. As for her film, she told BBC News that she hoped it will help the country "speak more."