In the latest episode of 'Full Frontal' starring Samantha Bee, house speaker Paul Ryan becomes the latest victim of being very loyal to the US President Donal Trump. The satirical show's episode titled 'Paul Ryan: Portrait in Courage' which showcases Ryan to wreck America's National Security apparatus within four weeks.

Samantha, who referred the house speaker as faithful husky, went after Ryan for criticizing Trump repeatedly during last years' campaign, only to turn back and endorse him in a Wisconsin newspaper. As mentioned by the Gothamist, the 47 year old political commentator and media critic stated that in his 20 years of political career, the Wisconsin senator has built a pretty solid reputation of the conscience of the republican party, which was certainly not the case a few months ago where he had been continuously shown condemning the actions of the President.

As reported by SFGate, "Watching Ryan play moral watchdog was something like watching Taylor Swift pretending to be surprised at a bland and fake award show, although weirdly compelling," says Bee. She continued that the honorable speaker should take another cue from the singer who exactly knows when to dump a guy which you have been pretending to like just to revive your career. "It's kind of hurting your moral compass of the party brand," she added.

Further, in the episode, Bee is shown mocking the speaker who has been given a title 'Intellectual leader' of the GOP by the media, which, according to her, is similar to saying Moe is the smart stooge in today's Republican party. The whole episode truly spotted the weak spots of the house speaker for defending Donald Trump, whether it is for the Muslim Ban or being changing his views on president soon after the election, and made a complete mockery of his speeches and ideologies.