Celebrities react to different things nowadays -- from personal opinions to political points, Hollywood is no longer exclusively about glitz and glamour. Its latest issue: President Donald Trump's unscheduled press conference.

On Thursday, the POTUS was reported to have held an unscheduled press conference, seemingly to announce Alexander Acosta as his new pick for labor secretary. However, as Elle Magazine noted, it seems that he was more concerned about his personal issues. After a minute or so discussing Acosta, he then launched into a rant that criticized the media, shared a series of incorrect "facts" about how popular he actually is and made a long tirade about Hillary Clinton, whom he ran against for the position at the White House.

President Trump was not the statesman that Former President Barack Obama was in terms of speeches. While the latter's speeches are criticized according to their content, Trump's "conference" lasted nearly 90 minutes of "unhinged" performance, as described by CNN's Jake Tapper, and many seem to agree with his thoughts. Celebrities react negatively via their social media networks: among the most vocal included actor Alec Baldwin, who noticed that the POTUS had been so wired in front of the press, and wondered how much worse he could get behind closed doors.

"Beauty and the Beast" actor Josh Gad mentioned on his Twitter that he didn't watch the president's press conference. However, he did add that if he were taking notes via his Twitter feed, it would appear that the new US president is Danny DeVito in "Cuckoo's Nest."

Celebrities react even when they are across the pond. Author JK Rowling, who had been very vocal about her disdain of Trump tweeted her legions of fans, "Up until an hour ago, the scariest thing I'd ever watched was Psycho."