Puffy eyes are really frustrating, especially when one is planning a big day ahead. Looking into the mirror after waking up to see the swollen eyes could easily build up enough stress and destroy the inner confidence to ruin the entire day.

As mentioned by Top 10 Home Remedies, the reasons behind puffy eyes are excessive crying, physical stress, hormonal changes in the body, genetics, dermatitis, sinus issues, bad diet, lack of sleep, hangover and some allergic reactions.

For people who want to get rid of puffy eyes quickly, there are several natural remedies that would help the person get rid of this beauty problem:

1. Splash cold water on the face and eyes: Sometimes, one can easily eliminate puffy eyes by splashing cold water on the face as most often it is the result of faulty fluid circulation, as reported by Rapid Home Remedies.

2. Soaking eyes with cold washcloth: One can also put an ice cold, soft, fluffy cloth on the eyes for ten minutes, after wringing it.

3. Placing cold spoons on the eyes: Freeze a couple, or more spoons for a few minutes and cover your closed eyes from its curved side. Once it gets warm, take the other spoons and do the same.

4. Rest chilled tea bags over the eyes: Dip two tea bags in ice cold water and squeeze the water out of it. Lie down and put the chilled tea bags on your eyes. Repeat the processor if the tea bags return to normal temperature.

5. Stiffen your eye skin with egg white: Separate the white portion of the egg and beat it. Apply it around the skin of the eyes through either brush or your fingers. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

6. Soothe your eyes with chilled cucumber slices: One can also cut round pieces of ice cold cucumber and place it on the eyes. This could help relax the eyes in a few minutes.

According to WikiHow, tapping eyes gently with fingers or rubbing the bridge of the nose can also help in releasing the puffy eyes. But, living a healthy life by getting enough sleep, being hydrated and having regular appointments with the doctor can aid in preventing puffy eyes.