People search for beauty and personal care products to get clearer and glowing skin. They try numerous methods to acquire a charming and more attractive face with no success, without even considering that they are spending too much time on what needs to be acquired while neglecting what needs to be avoided.

Trying out beauty products or watching one's diet could provide the desired result to some extent, but it is the avoidance of some skin sensitive foods that would give the person a better outcome.

Below are seven foods which people must avoid to acquire a fairer and more glowing skin:

1. Cow's Milk Cheese: As stated by Dr. Lipman, "Dairy is a brilliant trigger for skin issues like acne, as all dairy products come from lactating organic cows are filled with cow's hormones, which can trigger hormonal acne in humans." One can replace it with cashew cheese or nutritional yeast as they have no lactose.

2. Crackers and processed carbohydrates: As reported by Pop Sugar, these foods that include sweetened cereals, white bread, baked goods, etc. increase insulin as they tend to break down quickly and transform into sugar, which can lead to more acne. Thus, replacing it with seed and almond flour crackers could benefit the consumer as these are low in sugar and high in fiber.

3. Juice: Juice contains too much sugar level, which again can cause the acne to rise. Replacing it with Dr. Lipman's Mocha Chocolate Smoothie can produce positive effects due to its high level of protein and healthy fats.

4. Soda: Soda contains a high amount of sugar and other chemical substances, which may provide inflammation inside the body and make the upper skin more vulnerable. It also increases the insulin level and interrupts the healthy bacteria that causes eczema, acne, rosacea, etc. It would be wiser to replace it with Kombucha, which is full of probiotics and healthy bacteria.

5. Canned soup: It contains sodium and bisphenol, which has the tendency to retain water in the skin and make it appear dry and swollen and can also cause inflammation. Taking bone broth instead could soothe the gut and heal its lining.

6. Canned tuna: "It lacks the nutrients found in wild fish and are often farmed, causing mercury toxicity," stated Dr. Lipman to MSN. Canned wild salmon can be a good replacement as it is high in fat and considered anti-inflammatories.

7. Coffee: Caffeine causes your skin to dry. Consuming hot water with lemon can hydrate your skin and reduces the risk of inflammation.