Chance (Chancelor) the Rapper won three awards for Best Rap Album, Best New Artist and Best Rap Performance and became the first music artist to win Grammy without selling a single physical copy of his music. The prominent music awards witnessed the performance of the night by Beyonce, however, the main highlight was the 23-year-old independent rapper, who became a sensation after the release of his third mixtape that witnessed a remarkable 57.3 million hits on Apple music within its first week, "Coloring Book."

This is certainly a remarkable feat for the young rapper and it wouldn't have been possible if the governing board of the Grammy hadn't relaxed their rules to allow the nominations of albums released on online streaming services. As claimed by QZ, the feat of the Chicago singer seems even more magnificent after considering the fact that he was up against Kayne West's "The Life of Pablo," DJ Khaled's "Major Key" and Drake's "Views." These are all heavily marketed by giant record labels, while Chance's "Coloring Book" released without any promotion or back up.

As per Follow News, Chance has garnered a huge fan base and performed houseful shows all over the country without having any contract or physical album sales. His only way of retrieving finances was meager payouts from online streaming, but he couldn't care less.

"I gave away my second mix tape online and I planned to sign with a label and identify my music. However, after meeting with three labels, I realized my strength to offer my best work with no limits. I make money from touring and selling merchandise and I truly believe you don't need traditional ways to become successful, if you properly put your mind and effort into its execution," said the young rapper.

Apart from this, Chance has a daughter named Kensil and is a well-known activist for peace. He is friends with Beyonce and Jay Z, whom he calls "Aunt Yonce" and "Unc" respectively. He was once roommates with British singer James Blake in LA where the two made music together.