While rumors have been rounding that Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are dating, the actor denied the allegation, but their actions tell us otherwise. We have seen the two gush about each other in various interview, but are things starting to get rocky between them?

According to some reports, Padukone is apparently maintaining her distance from Singh, especially on the sets of "Bajirao Mastani." The two usually love spending time together, but this time they prefer to stay away from one another. Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali also likes them maintaining a distance from each other on the sets of the film for an unknown reason.

In the mean time, rumors have been rounding that the "Ram Leela" couple are set to exchange rings in February 2016.

"Deepika and Ranveer have got an approval from both the families and are all set to exchange rings and make their relationship official in February 2016," said a source to Bollywood Life.

Singh previously talked about marriage in an interview and even admitted that he wants to get married one day.

"I am going to turn 20 in July. I had a different take on marriage, family and relationships. But I have matured. Earlier I was uneasy at the rate in which divorces were happening among professionals...I believe people were happier being single and marriage was redundant. But in past three years some experiences have changed my outlook," said Singh according to the website. "I used to resist growing up but it is happening very organically. I am 29 and have a very simple aim today. I want to be an honorable family man. I have been thinking a lot about settling down."

While Singh has been by Padukone's side through thick and thin, the actress has also stood by the actor in his time of need, especially when he was in the hospital. Padukone recently expressed that Singh holds a "special place" in each other's life and praised him for his recent released film "Dil Dhadakne Do."

During an interview, Padukone said that Singh is special in his own ways and is very expressive. She admitted that people don't see the other side of Singh and don't get to see the vulnerable side of him.

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