Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown are battling it out once again; just days after the model revealed in an interview that she was contemplating giving away the puppy Brown gave to her for Christmas last year, sources are now revealing that Brown is asking his former flame to also give up the house he leased for her while they were still together.

International Business Times reports that Brown is attempting to move on from Tran after their brutal breakup in March, however, sources close to the "Loyal" singer reveal that he is furious with Tran's decision to want to give away the puppy he gave her as a gift for the holidays.

Tran made the statement during an interview on iHeartRadio's "The Melting Pot" on Monday, where she opened up about wanting to give away things that reminded her of ex Brown.

"I received a gift from my ex for Christmas-a dog-she was given to me for Christmas. Right now, she's at the trainer. She's really, really bad and she's a puppy," Tran revealed of her Siberian Husky, Athena.

"I want to keep her because it's a puppy, I want to love her but it's a reminder of, you know," she concluded.

Once Brown heard about Tran's desire to give up Athena, sources reveal that the singer feels it's only fair that she also give up the house that he leased for her while they were still together.

"If Karrueche wants to get rid of her dog because it reminds her of Chris, then she should have already moved out of the house Chris leased for her," the insider reveals.

The news comes just days after Tran was spotted on a dinner date with "Orange Is The New Black" star Ruby Rose after revealing via Instagram that she has a crush on the engaged model and actress. While the duo seemed to enjoy their friendly time together, fans attacked Tran via the photo-sharing site accusing her of attempting to make Brown jealous despite insisting that she wants nothing to do with her ex.

What do you think of Chris Brown's decision to kick Karrueche Tran out of the home that he leased for her?

This article was originally published on Fashion & Style