We're feeling blue -- and that's a good thing!

Supermodel Soo Joo Park, known for her platinum blonde hair, has joined the pastel hair trend and dyed her hair blue!

Soo Joo, who is the face of Redken hair products and L'Oreal makeup, debuted her new look onInstagram earlier this month with a selfie captioned " #bluelightspecial."

"I just went into Ricky's and bought this Manic Panic-which is just semi-permanent. It's called Bad Boy Blue, but I didn't want such an intense color. I wanted it to be somewhere between very pastel and something richer. Back when I dyed it pink, I realized that the product is pretty saturated, so this time I took a huge scoop of conditioner and mixed it with the Manic Panic to dilute the color," Soo Joo told Into The Gloss.

"Still, it turned out more aqua than I wanted, but I've come to like it. And the thing is, when it washed out, it looks somewhere in-between the tropical ocean and dirty dishwater-which is a little harder to handle-but I like it. I don't know if it's beautiful, but I wanted to have some fun."

Love Soo Joo's blue hue? Try Manic Panic Bad Boy Blue ($19.95) for the color and Redken's Color Extend Magnetics line ($5.50-$35.50) for maintenance.