Jessa Duggar is finally happy after enduring a painful first trimester of pregnancy, brought on by the revelation she was an abuse victim at the hands of her brother, Josh Duggar, but why is she keeping the gender of her first baby quiet?

The "19 Kids and Counting" star revealed in a recent blog post on her website "The Seewalds, Ben and Jessa" that her little bundle of joy has been kicking for the first time, and that the feeling is wonderful.

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The reality star has had a tumultuous first months of pregnancy. Just after she broke the news she was expecting her first child, an In Touch Magazine article revealed that her brother, Josh Duggar, had molested her and three of her sisters when he was 14. Duggar endured a painful interview with Fox News' Megyn Kelly, where she relived the horrific chain of events and remarked, "we've moved on." Added Jessa, "I think all the people in our lives, like our close friends and the people - the officials - that helped us, walked alongside the family during this time and walked us through some of our hardest days, they knew about this. It wasn't like a complete secret, people knew. They had walked us through this journey and we felt it was a done deal." In her latest blog, Duggar thanked fans for their tireless support of her and her family. "We want to pause a moment and thank all of you who have been lifting us up in prayer. We are so grateful and blessed," said Duggar. "Our little family is, by God's grace, going to continue seeking to lovingly point people to Christ and encourage those who are down," she continued. "God's goodness and kindness to us even in difficult times is humbling and wonderful."