Runny makeup? Feathery lipstick? Mascara fails? The struggle to get our makeup right never ends. No matter how well you've got your beauty routine down, you always have room for improvement.

The creative directors of Body of Royalty, a luxurious line of American-made cosmetics, are just as much about technique as they are about creating super-luxe cosmetics. Need to remedy a makeup malady? Read up on their tips to get a perfectly put-together look. 

How To Apply Primer. "When it comes to primer, less is more," the experts stressed. "Use just a small, pearl sized amount on the lips and around the eyes to highlight your beautiful features," the experts advised. 

The whole purpose of primer is to prevent eyeshadow from dripping or smudging. Are you guilty of being a bit heavy-handed with this product? Body of Royalty pros advise you to rethink your application technique. "Apply a very thin layer with fingertips or a sponge and blend beyond the line of your lips and eyelids," they said.   

How To Apply Lipstick. Don't you hate when your lip color starts to run, fade or flake? Even the prettiest of shades aren't safe from these unfortunate effects. "Lipstick can be tricky when trying to get the perfect look," our pros acknowledged. "Always make sure that lips are properly exfoliated and use the right color for the moment. If you're going for a more classic look, you should stick to a nude or a sophisticated red," they suggested. 

How To Apply Mascara. Mascara always looks great when you first apply it, and then your eyes suddenly start to resemble a raccoon's hours later. "Use a mascara that is guaranteed to add volume, and don't neglect the lower lashes," the founders stressed.

Additional mascara tips we personally have come to live by include opting for a water-resistant formula in case your eyes tear a lot. And be sure to let the mascara dry in between applications by waiting about 15-20 seconds.  

This article was originally published on Fashion Times