It's no secret that Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor used to date before Katrina Kaif came into the picture. Although they have broken up, the two continue to make magic on the big screen showing off their popular on-screen chemistry. However, does the "Bajirao Mastani" actress still hold some feelings for her ex-boyfriend?

During an interview with Savvy magazine, according to, Padukone talked about Kapoor and admitted that he will always be very important part of her life.

While some might think of it as a romantic gesture, perhaps it's strictly as friends since the two continue to work together on movies. The actress previously opened up about her relationship with Kapoor, saying that they keep it a professional friendship.

"No matter how much we move on in our lives and no matter how comfortable we keep telling people we are working with each other, the question will keep coming up," said Padukone according to India Today. "But the point is, it was, is and will always be a very special equation that we share. Something that one can't explain and describe in too many words."

Padukone went on to explain, "Our work is an example of that. We did YJHD together and it was a super success and people gave us so much love for that film, and then we have finished another film ('Tamasha') in less than two years. I think that's amazing."

The actress admitted that working with Kapoor and director Imtiaz Ali was on her wishlist ever since she saw "Rockstar."

"I am fascinated by Imtiaz and then there is Ranbir, who again is supremely talented, and I have worked with both of them individually. Why I love and respect Imtiaz so much is also because he had cast me in 'Love Aaj Kal' even before my first film released," said Padukone. "I knew it would be really exciting for the three of us to come together, and I wanted it one day, the same way I wanted Ranbir and I as an onscreen pair to be directed by Ayan, because I had seen their work in 'Wake Up Sid.' I was like 'I want to work with these people.' And that's what happened when I saw 'Rockstar.'"

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