Nicki Minaj 'Worried' About Meek Mill's Safety After 'Ugly' Gang Incident? 'Feeling Myself' Rapper Fears For Boyfriend

Nicki Minaj may have professed her love for Meek Mill in response to ex Safaree Samuels' diss track released on Wednesday, however, sources close to Minaj reveal the "Only" rapper is concerned for her man's safety after the rapper reportedly got caught up in a gang fight during a music video shoot yesterday.

Urban Islandz reports that TMZ obtained footage of the scary incident where rival gang member, Louie V Gutta, got pistol-whipped in the face, sending onlookers running and screaming for their lives in fear of a shooting.

Sources close to Minaj reveal that the songstress is shaken up after the incident, noting that Minaj had plans to accompany Mill to the video shoot but cancelled those plans for safety reasons.

"She [Nicki Minaj] was supposed to make a cameo in the video but that most likely won't happen" the source insists.

"Nicki is not only fearful for her safety but she is also worried about her boyfriend Meek Mill's safety because things did get ugly and there have been a lot of threats flying around, something that she doesn't want to get caught up in," the insider concludes.

All Hip Hop reports that Louie V Gutta has since spoken out about the incident, posting an Instagram video in which he insists he was not involved in the fight at Meek Mill's video shoot.

"Stop spreading rumors," he began in the video, adding, "Ain't nothing happen. We was down there talking. Some other s**t happened. Stop spreading rumors," he said, captioning the video, "y'all crazy keep my name out dem rumors...aint' nun happen 2 me I'm cool lol."

After Gutta's Instagram video began making the rounds on the Internet, TMZ obtained better footage of the incident where it was clear that Gutta was not the person hit in the video, however, the site did insist that Gutta's entourage was present at the shoot to confront Meek Mill.

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