Celebrity Makeup Artist Jamie Greenberg Tells Us Her Makeup Tips For Summer

When you want tips from a celebrity makeup artist, sometimes you gotta get them fast, quick and in a hurry. Super-busy glam pro Jamie Greenberg found enough time to answer our latest round of rapid-fire makeup questions. Check out her personal advice on how to nail your summer makeup!

Jamie, what are the major beauty trends and themes for summer 2015?

The major trends this season are definitely lilacs, stained lips, minimal makeup and light brows.

Biggest summer makeup mistakes women make? 

A huge mistake is wearing too much makeup. Summer is all about looking natural. It's harder to get away with lots of makeup in the heat so going lighter is better. 

When I see a woman wearing tons of makeup on in 90 degree weather and it's melting off her face, it makes me sad. A lot of women with allergies suffer from allergy face during this time too, so it's really about strategic makeup, not lots of makeup. 

How do we avoid our concealer being exposed when we take a camera flash photo? 

Don't use concealer that's one shade lighter than your foundation. Use all the same color so it doesn't accentuate and bounce off of the flash.

What lip, cheek and eye colors should we opt for during the warmer months?

I love neutrals for the eyes - bronzes, taupes, browns. For lips, I love baby pinks, wet nudes and light red stains. For cheeks, I love bronzes and baby pinks.

What is the professional makeup artist's way to create a sexy summer glow?

I love using creamy nude highlighters to get that fresh summer glow.

Dark lip colors in the summer? Yay or nay?

I don't always believe there are rules in makeup. I say you can do whatever floats your boat, but, for me personally, dark lips are too heavy. It's like wearing a wool sweater on a sweltering beach. It doesn't work for me.

More raw and honest beauty tips from Jamie to come this week!

This article was originally published on Fashion Times

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