After being high school sweethearts since 14 years old and nine long years of marriage, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton decided to call it quits on their relationship. After trying ot win her back, the "Blurred Lines" singer's ex-wife finally filed for a divorce and it looks like he's already moved on.

While Patton moved past the singer's cheating ways and is ready to start up a new life as they mutually remain friends, Thicke is also enjoying his single life and dating other women.

For the past few months, Thicke has been spotted with 20-year-old girlfriend, April Love Geary.

"His girlfriend, April, has been a rock for him during the past few months and they are really in love," said a source to InTouch magazine. "I think she has kept him together during all this chaos, even though she is only 20."

Thicke has been facing a lawsuit from Marvin Gaye's family, who ruled that "Blurred Lines" was coped from "Got To Give It Up," but his alleged girlfriend has been keeping him calm.

Thicke has been spotted numerous times with the brunette, who appears to have a strong resemblance to his ex-wife. The two have been seen together with his son Julian earlier in March grocery shopping in Los Angeles.

The two were reportedly spotted together over the Easter weekend, celebrating the occasion. The singer appears to be in great spirits despite his recent difficult times and it seems that his alleged young girlfriend is keeping him distracted.

Geary and Thicke were previously together celebrating his 38th birthday with champagne, half-naked girls and close friends.

TMZ reported that Thicke's party started at the Chateau Marmont and moved to his Hollywood home where a woman rolled around in a hamster ball and exotic dancers roamed all around.

Geary was by Thicke's side for the night as well as Marlon Wayan, YG, Sean Stewart, Russell Simmons and his dad Alan Thicke.

The alleged couple were together on New Year's Eve for a bit before he left for Las Vegas' Foxtail nightclub at the SLS hotel. The two enjoyed dinner at Bazaar Meat at the same hotel before he left with friends to the club while Geary stayed behind.

Late last year, Thicke and Geary were spotted together at one of California's famous liquor stores, Gil Turner's just before the holidays. TMZ caught up with the couple and showed a video of the two exiting the liquor store with a big brown bag and getting into a car.

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