Many of us may not be able to afford our own glam squads, but every now and then we can splurge on at least one or two of the same products our favorite stars use. 

As the ever-present social media queen, Kim K recently posted a teaser for her Vogue Brasil feature on Twitter. In the short clip, Kim channels Marilyn Monroe as she applies mascara and flaunts a unique makeup brush across her decolletage. 

Dying to know what this brush is? Meet the Artis Elite Mirror Oval 10. The ultimate go-to for self-tanner application, this brush has a generously sized, rounded oval of fibers to provide coverage to a larger area of the face and body. Isn't it gorgeous? 

This patented brush is superior for applying a setting powder to the entire face, or blending highlighting powders to the face or body.  

This beauty tool is definitely an investment at $72, but the brush sure can be a time saver. Use the Oval 10 to apply powder foundation to the entire face in seconds or can apply a shimmer effect product to other large areas of the body such as the shoulders or chest area.

And talk about luxe! The Oval 10 has over 250,000 fibers! And once its Kim Kardashian approved, you know its gotta deliver a flawless finish. Brushes make all the difference according to Kim K's glam squad.

When it comes to makeup, Kim's personal makeup artist Rob Scheppy swears by brushes. No finger foundation blending over here! "I think brushes just make it easier," the contouring pro told NY Mag. "I don't know how you would do it without brushes. You could use your fingers, but it could be a hot mess." 

This article was originally published on Fashion Times