Bobby Flay And Stephanie March Divorce Battle Rages On: 'Law And Order' Actress Fights Prenup Due To On Going Medical Issues

Bobby Flay's divorce battle against "Law and Order: SVU" actress Stephanie March has taken an unlikely and heated turn, as the Food Network host has called his ex-wife a liar. Flay reportedly told the judge in their divorce proceedings that March is making up medical issues to further her cash payout in the case.

Flay remarked that March's ongoing health issues are a result of breast enhancement surgery the actress had to reportedly further her career.

The former couple are arguing over a prenuptial agreement March signed a decade ago that would net her only $5K a month and a $1M buyout for their family home.

According to TMZ, as part of March's argument to invalidate their prenup, the actress has stated she's been plagued by medical problems including a burst appendix and three infections. As a result, March stated she's unable to work as an actress and the existing prenup would create an undo financial hardship.

The article also claimed that Flay's alleged infidelities have compromised her health and mental state.

Flay is reportedly worth an estimated $20 million.

March and Flay were wed in 2005. They have no children.

The actress has made claims, according to PageSix, that Flay "relied on her to taste test the recipes that made him a household name and led to success at such places as his Bar Americain."

March has also claimed that she was the primary reason for Flay's success with a Spanish menu item called Tapas, after encouraging him to include the item on a menu at one of his successful eateries. The inclusion provided a reported financial windfall for the Food Network host.

According to PageSix, March has also boasted of having "an amazing palate" and took credit for picking out the design, ambiance, lighting and music in Flay's restaurants.

The two recently went to blows outside of the courtroom on May 21st, when March learned that Flay had brought a P.R. person to speak to the press, despite a judge's order not to discuss the case.

"You brought a P.R.person to talk to the press?" March asked, as reported by PageSix.

Then when Flay's rep, remarked, "We'll talk later," to which Deborah Lans, March's lawyer replied, "Is this what you call not talking to the press?"

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