Rumors have been circulating regarding the relationship between Ranbir Kapoor and Karina Kaif after they were spotted in Ibiza together. While the couple tried to maintain a low-profile, there have been several reports of the "Bombay Velvet" actor and his girlfriend ready to make things official. 

Engagement and marriage rumors have been rounding between Kapoor and Kaif for a long time since they were with her family in London over Christmas holidays. While the couple just recently admitted that they are in love, other rumors have been rounding that Kapoor and Kaif will be going through a roka, which is supposed to be a private ceremony.

However, Kapoor spoke to DNA to clarify the rumors saying, "Let me clear the air. Rokas happen during arranged marriages, where the two families come together and fix the match. Then the girl is not allowed to meet other prospective grooms. That's the idea. You guys know my situation. It's not an arranged marriage. Why would I even need a roka?"

As far as a wedding date, Kapoor said, "There's no truth to it. Once we decide to get married, everyone will come to know. It will be one of my biggest decisions ever, so we will announce it in a big manner. Right now, I am happy and secure with my life. There is love in my life, and when we decide to take it to the next level, sabko pata chal jaayega (everyone will know about it)."

Kaif's rep stated that there is no truth to the rumors and that the actress has no plans to walk down the isle anytime soon.

"There is no truth to these wedding dates, there are no plans as of yet," read the statement.

Kapoor also previously denied the reports of getting married to Kaif by the end of next year. He stated that they have made no plans right now to have a wedding and is too busy with his projects.

"Yes, I am in love but I have not made any marriage plans yet. There are so many rumors surrounding my marriage like sometime people have quoted me that I am getting married next year. But there are no plans as such," said Kapoor during the promotion of "Bombay Velvet" according to Zee News.

Kapoor is shutting down the rumors after a Bengali daily report quoted the actor saying, "We have planned to tie the knot by the end of next year. Both of us have agreed on that. Both of us are sure about our relationship and if we don't open about it now, it would be showing disrespect to the relationship."

This article was originally published on Fashion & Style